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· NCO History
· All-Time Football Standings
· All-Time Basketball Standings
· NCO Track Championships
· Championship Coaches
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· All-NCO Football Players
· All-NCO Basketball Players

This information has been gathered from the NCO newspapers, school yearbooks, several sports histories, and personal interviews. The newspapers were: the Ashland Times-Gazette, Mansfield News-Journal, Galion Inquirer, Bucyrus Journal and the Telegraph-Forum, Marion Star, Mt. Vernon News, Delaware Daily-Journal Herald, and Shelby Daily Globe.

The greatest appreciation goes to the Reference Librarians, who answered the numerous emails. Without them this history would not have been possible. Much gratitude goes to: Bill Snyder (Ashland), Debra Jeffers (Galion), Deana Fruth (Bucyrus), Karen Furlong and Boyd Addlesperger (Mansfield), Joe O'Rourke (Delaware), Linda Begue & Sam Norris (Marion), Janet Wacker (Mt. Vernon), and Stephen Schoener (Shelby). Although they are listed by the schools, these are mostly County Libraries, and they deservedly will receive the first copies.

I, also, borrowed from these sports books: David L. Lace's The History of Bucyrus Football and the Galion 100th Year Souvenir Program, James W. Grandy's Redmen Review, Fred Eichinger's The History of Shelby Football 1894-1985, and Merle F. Kleinknecht's Football Leaders, Highlights, and Legends: High Schools of the Northern Ohio League 1944-2001. (Mostly "first" names)

Finally, numerous friends of the NCO have assisted in this research. To mention some are: Keith Kohler (Marion), Dan Messersmith (Bucyrus), Rick Thomas (Columbus), Jim Spicer (Mt. Vernon), and the Athletic Directors of the old NCO schools especially Jim Ruth of Galion, who is hosting the NCO Reunion May 31, 2003. Others were Ohio HS Athletic Directors, sportswriters, sports historians, former NCO players, and Bud & Betty Plank, all of whom gave me supplemental information.